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White Rock
Income Tax Services

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Personal income taxes are as unique as the individual clients themselves. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for filing personal taxes, and your income tax return should reflect that each year.

Working with professional personal tax advisors and preparation services allows you to be fully tax compliant while still taking advantage of the tax credits available to you. Minimize your risk of error or missing deadlines and get the tax return to which you are entitled.

We work with our clients to understand their specific needs and unique situations. We closely follow existing and proposed tax legislation to determine how it could affect your financial goals.

Don’t miss out on tax credits and refunds that you have earned. Get personal tax prep from our expert advisors at TaxMeeLess.


Our customizable tax preparation software allows us to analyze “what if” scenarios to
properly advise our clients in White Rock, South Surrey and British Columbia. We can
proactively identify opportunities to better manage your personal and family tax
burdens so you don’t have any unexpected financial surprises at tax time. More
preparation means more predictability when it comes to your income tax.

Our year-round personal income tax consulting and filing services include:

  •  Individual income tax and benefits returns for individuals;

  •  Income tax returns for couples and families;

  •  Income tax services for students;

  • Back filing of overdue personal income tax;

  • Tax preparation for self-employed persons;

  • Tax preparation for individuals with foreign income, investment income, and/or
    rental income;

  • Personal tax return services for new immigrants or emigrants from Canada;

  • Non-resident income tax services;

  • Personal tax consulting and advising for non-residents and dual residents of

  • Final Income tax preparation services for deceased individuals;

  • Voluntary Tax Disclosure and Tax Appeals;

  • Liaising with CRA and other officials as necessary;

  • Individual tax planning;

  • Providing personal tax advice and consulting throughout the year for you and
    your family;



There are a number of benefits to working with personal tax specialists over filing your own income taxes.

  •  Reduce the taxes and costs you pay;

  • Find eligible tax credits you may have missed;

  • Get higher tax refunds and maximize your earnings;

  • Minimize the risk of making errors in your tax return;

  • Avoid missing deadlines for filing and payment;

  • Get advice about how major financial decisions will affect your income tax at

  • In the event of an audit, have the support of a tax professional to liaise with the
    Canadian Revenue Agency;

  • Remove the stress that comes with prepping and filing income tax yourself.



Taxation is often the single largest annual expense an individual has year after year. Our
team of personal tax accountants helps you keep it at a minimum and ensure your tax
provisions are correct, supported, and explainable.


Optimize your personal income tax to minimize payable taxes as much as possible utilizing tax credits and expenses available to you and your family. Whatever your financial situation and assets, using a personal income tax preparation service can improve your tax return!

Keep more of your hard-earned money for you and your family’s future and leave the
personal income tax preparation to us.

Contact TaxMeeLess in White Rock/South Surrey for a consultation of your personal income taxes and learn how they can be used to help achieve your financial goals.

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